Chris Brown, Rihanna, & Karreuche’s New Ugly Summer Tattoos




I guess you could call this the summer of ugly tattoos…

Chris Brown showed off his new tattoo today, and most are speculating that the image, which appears to be a battered woman, is Rihanna’s infamous Tmz photo. Though the woman in the tattoo is beaten, it doesn’t look like Rihanna. The tattoo comes as a slap in the face, giving that Chris has a known history of abusing his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna.

Now that that is out of the way, I just have to mention how fugly as hell that tatt is. I’m sure there is some personal reason why Chris chose such a fugly tatt, but everything doesn’t have to be commemorated through a tattoo. What is it with my millennium brethren?

Rihanna also recently revealed her big ass tattoo, which is of the Egyptian Goddess Isis. It is dedicated to her grandmother who recently passed. Ok, ok, I get it, yet I don’t quite understand why she did it. *scratches head*.

Lastly, Karreuche got one too, and it’s ugly. bai

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